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Not sure where to start? Use the “Browse by Topic” feature to explore some of the different categories of research available on KCResearch. On the left of this page, in the navigation menu, there is a list of eight main topics in orange with a number of more specific subjects in blue underneath. Click the blue subjects to open up a list of relevant documents.

From there, the documents can be narrowed down further by other topical headings, resource type, geographic area, author, or format. The results may also be sorted by relevance, title, type, author, or date. To view the next page of results, go to the bottom of the page and click the “next” link or click on the page number you wish to browse. If you ever get lost in a forest of search results, you may always click “Browse By Topic” in the top navigation bar to return to this page and start over again. Similarly, if you gain a clearer picture of what you wish to find, you may also click “Search” in the top navigation bar, which will take you to the advanced search page.

H&R Block Business Center
H&R Block Business and Career Center at The Kansas City Public Library

KCResearch ® is the authoritative and unbiased source for all types of research about the Kansas City area as well as studies and reports done by Kansas City researchers. KCResearch also provides tools to inform users on current topics in research and facilitate conversation and collaboration between community members, whether they're professional researchers, entrepreneurs, students, or members of the general population.